Jascha Wanger


I have been working with computers for over 30 years. My area of expertise is mainly in information security, blockchain, cloud architecture and DevOps. One of my earliest projects was Local Area Security with a live-cd distribution for security auditing called LAS Linux.  My current company is Tarnover.

Currently my interests have been in predictive analytics, statistical analysis, data-mining, DevOps, blockchain and machine learning.  All of my information security work in intrusion detection systems and machine learning have helped pave the way to where I am now.

Much of my research is in the field of technological convergences and predicting future convergences. You can find more related news pertaining to this on my Tumblr Singularitarianisms. I also am very active in the Los Angeles startup community and study ways of improving idea maturation and turning those ideas into viable, profitable companies.

I grew up in my Dad’s auto repair shop and have had a life long obsession with cars, Formula1, and anything with four wheels and a steering wheel.

My other passion is flying sailplanes (gliders).