Anonymous Smart Contract Driven Orgs and Funds

One of the biggest things that first came out of Bitcoin and blockchain was initially Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).  This concept has evolved with Colored Coins, Counterparty, and Ethereum since then.  Of course there have been (big!) bumps in the road. The Ethereum DAO being seen as securities by the SEC is one good example. […]

100 Days to Privacy Online: Day 13 – Tails

Towards the beginning of this series we covered Tor. Today we are covering Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System), a live operating system that can be run from USB stick, DVD, or SD card. It runs Tor and can be used to maintain maximum privacy since it routes all traffic through Tor. What you’ll need: […]

100 Days to Privacy Online: Day 2 – Tor is Your Friend

There is a lot of hype around about the Darknet being a seedy place full of drug dealers and pedophiles. To be honest there is that sort of thing going on. But this is not an episode of Mr. Robot so we’ll not sensationalize it. So what is the Darknet? What most people refer to […]

Running a Tor Hidden Service Using Docker

Many people seem to think that hosting a Tor hidden service is a complex or daunting task. But with Docker you can do it easily and reliably. In this example we will setup a dedicated hidden service (a hidden site in this instance). First we’ll assume you have docker running on the computer you want […]

Iceland and the New Need for Free Speech and Cryptography

The name Wikileaks has become part of the general vernacular ever since their release of the 91k+ documents related to the US war in Afghanistan.  But another related topic has only been touched upon as a side note to the leakage of these once secret documents.  Iceland has recently only been on people’s minds in […]