My Favorite CLI Applications

I have been somewhat of a terminal junkie for well over 20 years. Right now some of my favorite CLI applications are: Rainbowstream – Twitter on the command line IRSSI – IRC client (works with Slack too!) MUTT – email client MOC – music player htop – top but prettier finch – basic Pidgin for […]

Terminal Dreams

I have been posting *nix apps and news to a new Tumblr called Terminal Dreams for thoseĀ interestedĀ in that sort of thing.

Tips: Managing Many Servers via SSH

I manage many servers in my line of work and have found a few things to make life a little easier when it comes to SSH’ing into them when I start my laptop up.The first of these is maintaining an up to date ssh config file which is kept in ~/.ssh that allows me to […]

Tips: Finding Huge Files on Linux

I tend to always need to find the huge log files that are filling up servers. One fast way is to use find and awk to list them in human readable form: find / -type f -size +20000k -exec ls -lh {} ; | awk ‘{ print $8 “: ” $5 }’ Int he above […]