No Room for Privacy in a Singular World?

For better or worse in the world of Singularity there is no room for much privacy.  Being that everything will be interconnected and shared.  Which brings us full circle to when the Internet was in its infancy and there was no such thing as passwords or security.  There comes a tipping point where in the […]

TechnoCalyps (Documentary)

Not the best production quality but good information and great thinkers interviewed. All three parts of the documentary. (Ignore the embedded links to play list in the videos) Part I – Transhumanism PartII – Preparing for the Singularity Part III – The Digital Messiah


I have been posting my links related to Technological Singularity to a Tumblr Blog. Feel free to follow and bookmark to get some of the most interesting news and analysis on the explosive growth of technology.  Links are updated daily and includes interesting presentations, videos, and podcasts.  Some of the main things covered are nanotechnology, biotech, computation, […]