What Your DNS Says About You

I know many people that just type in the usual Google public DNS when they need to add one to a computer or server. It’s easy right!? Just remember and/or it’s a no brainer! But what are we REALLY doing when we use Google for DNS? Your chosen DNS servers translate domains (xyz.com) […]

What Comes After the Containers and Unikernels?

(Reposted here from my LinkedIn) A brief history of everything… (SysAdmin related) There has been a lot of hype over the last year on container solutions, like Docker, with an ever growing and sometimes fragmented group of supporting projects. What does this all mean for the cloud and the future of hosting applications? Pre-Cloud and […]

How Amazon Kindle Finally Won Me Over

(Cross post from my Google+) I have always been a die-hard paper book lover. Nothing to me smells better than a old used book store. But I have recently finally given in to the eReader boom. I have had a Viewsonic gTablet I hacked with Android Honeycomb for about 6 months. On it I have […]

New 100TB Per Second Record, Now Where is Mine?

I was reading about how a new record of 100TB per second was achieved recently. Which begs the question: Why do I not even get 10Mbps download speeds??? It seems that US data connection providers are charging a lot for the same speed I got l got last year and the year before.