Killing Innovation Revisited

A few posts ago I wrote about How Management Kills Innovation and wanted to touch upon this concept a little more. I have been compiling some notes on ways to foster innovation and help turn around the lack of innovation in companies I have seen first-hand. This is a working copy basically that I will […]

How Management Kills Innovation

I have worked for over 15 years in the technology sector and consider myself a student of idea maturation and innovation. Mainly in terms of fostering teams to create innovative approaches to problem solving. While creating a company culture that is conducive to improving upon and generating new ideas.   Some of my more recent experiences in the last few years have encouraged me to sit down […]

Idea Maturation: Beyond White-Boarding

This is a presentation on building the next generation incubator in terms of creating environments that promote creativity and in turn productivity. One of a series I am doing on ideas and creating teams and places to leverage the ideas to their fullest potential. I will be posting more as I do more speaking engagements. […]