Why Your Dockerfile Sucks for Production

Your Docker Compose file might suck too. I admit it! I am guilty of making Dockerfiles that suck. We’re all guilty of being overly general in our Dockerfiles. Just look on Docker Hub or GitHub. But in some ways it might be making things less consistent across builds. Example: Which is fine for testing something […]

Running a Tor Hidden Service Using Docker

Many people seem to think that hosting a Tor hidden service is a complex or daunting task. But with Docker you can do it easily and reliably. In this example we will setup a dedicated hidden service (a hidden site in this instance). First we’ll assume you have docker running on the computer you want […]

What Comes After the Containers and Unikernels?

(Reposted here from my LinkedIn) A brief history of everything… (SysAdmin related) There has been a lot of hype over the last year on container solutions, like Docker, with an ever growing and sometimes fragmented group of supporting projects. What does this all mean for the cloud and the future of hosting applications? Pre-Cloud and […]