100 Days to Privacy Online: Day 3 – Signal Mobile App

There are a lot of encrypted and “secure” mobile chat/messaging apps out there. But the gold standard and perhaps best option is made by Open Whisper Systems called Signal. They developed the protocol that others like WhatsApp use for end-to-end encryption. The only reason I am not encouraging you to actually use WhatsApp is that they also opt’d people into data collection for their advertising efforts since they are owned by Facebook.

Signal works much like any other text or messaging app in terms of user experience. The magic of encrypting your communications is very transparent to the user. So there is no big learning curve to use it. All you need to do is install it and add/tell your friends to use it.

Along with messaging Signal allows for end-to-end encrypted phone calls.





If you use Chrome browser you can also install the browser plugin for Signal after you install the mobile app. Allowing you to message people from your desktop.

Install Chrome Extension