Freeing Yourself from Google’s Gmail

Gmail FrustrationIn a previous post I was writing about weaning myself off of Google. Well let me tell you, it is not easy. Harder than I even imagined it would be. Actually it is a major pain in the ass!

For this experiment I opted for a Yandex email address as my new main personal email. It has an easy to use interface and the ability to sync other emails (such as my Gmail) with it. The interface is clean and pretty good. The URL has “neo2” in the path when logged in so I am assuming it is based on OpenWebMail somehow. Which is fine with me.

When I first tried to import my Gmail emails I got a txt message and email from Google’s fraud department showing the IP trying to login to my account was in Moscow. Which they then proceeded to make very hard for me to allow the connection. It did not work until the next day. But at least I know for sure the servers hosting the email are in Russia. Yandex mail offers IMAP access as well which I use with Thunderbird.

Using Yandex in tandem with Mailvelope all you need to do is add the domain to Watch List in Settings:

Mailvelope Settings

So now I have OpenPGP and all my old Gmail in the new Yandex account. It seamlessly copies over the tags which was a huge help to me. After using Yandex as my primary email I do not miss Gmail, I am happy to say. I was sure there would be some regrets but in the end it is just as good and using K-9 mail on Android for my mobile access works great too! Once I was sure all the email was in Yandex I went through deleting all the unneeded old emails. Then deleted all from Gmail and switched to forwarding (and deleting on Gmail) to new account. This way it is still backwards compatible with the countless people who still use my Gmail address.

I will be posting about my attempts at having a Google “free” Android phone soon.