Killing Innovation Revisited

A few posts ago I wrote about How Management Kills Innovation and wanted to touch upon this concept a little more.

I have been compiling some notes on ways to foster innovation and help turn around the lack of innovation in companies I have seen first-hand. This is a working copy basically that I will add to and tweak as needed:

  • Have no more than 3 governing rules for a team
  • Follow the Lean Startup ideas of Build -> Measure -> Learn and repeat
  • Create an environment of experimentation
  • 6 people tops per team
  • Do not keep teams in a vacuum
  • Promote cross-pollination between teams (openly share ideas free of fear)
  • Customers decide on what the MVP is not the stake holders. Double down on what the customer wants and uses. Drop the rest.
  • Ask the right questions (don’t put the answer before the question)
  • NEVER allow process over innovation!
  • Remove barriers to teams getting new products/features
  • Individuals don’t build great companies, teams do
  • 98% of meetings are a waste of time
  • Just in time not just in case.