What Chrome is Lacking

Google ChromeI use Linux (Ubuntu) as my desktop and have used some flavor of Linux as my desktop for many years now. Most of this time I have used Firefox as my main browser. Recently I have started using Chrome as well as a secondary browser in order to see if I like it more. There are a few things that I like about Chrome more than Firefox. Chrome seems to hog less memory and not hang as much when a lot of tabs are open. Which is a big plus for me since I always end up with many tabs open. Being that I use Google Apps for a lot of things it helps to have a browser that does not come to a crawl after half a day of using it heavily. Now for the things I do not like (yet) about Chrome.

  • The Firefox Delicious plugin is very nice and integrated. Chrome equivalents are just prettied up basic bookmarker.
  • The strange download manager
  • Flash player crashing on regular basis (for Linux at least)
  • Strange formatting of some sites including GMail and other Google Apps sites

For the most part I see myself using Chrome more often and if I could get the same sort of Delicious plugin as Firefox has I would be much more likely to use it exclusively. Although I have read that the next version of Firefox is suppose to fill the gap Chrome is creating.

We shall see. . .