Bye Bye Facebook “Like”Buttons

As some of you might notice I have turned off and uninstalled the WordPress plugin that allows you to “Like” posts on this site.  I have been reading daily for the past week or more the numerous privacy changes. Feel free to have a read of the numerous articles on Facebook and Privacy that have been made and their negative impact.   It was all enough for me to not want to include anything to do with them on my website.  The amazing part is the lack of concern by users of Facebook.  After reading Ten Reasons You Should Quit Facebook on Gizmodo it got me to seriously consider removing my account.  Along with the interesting practices they use toward game development companies like Zynga, makers of Mafia Wars and the ever popular and annoying Farmville.

Perhaps it truely is time for an open alternative. . .

UPDATE: May 31st is Quit Facebook Day