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Manage Multiple AWS Accounts Using Direnv

Mad Hacker SkillsI came across a simple yet elegant means of managing multiple Amazon Web Services credentials when using the AWS CLI. This way does not make you have to hack your .aws/config and is the simplest/cleanest way I have found.

First install direnv and make sure it is in your PATH.

Be sure to remember to add the hook to your shell of choice as they outline in their README.

Now that you have direnv setup we can configure it for each client.

I use a directory structure to keep each client in their own directory.

So for example in : .../clients/ACME/ I make a .envrc file and export my AWS keys in it:

export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=****

Once you make your .envrc file run direnv allow to enable using the config. Then test your AWS CLI to insure working properly.

Then when you are doing work on that client’s account you simply have to cd into their respective directory.

Be sure to either encrypt the whole directory or at least chmod 600 the .envrc files to protect your keys.


Hacking the Viewsonic Gtablet

I got a Viewsonic Gtablet as a birthday present a few weeks ago with the intention of hacking it with custom ROMs and getting Android Honeycomb on it. It is a good tablet being that the hardware specs are very similar to the Motorola Xoom at half the cost (seen as low as $275 new). The only downside to it is that the default Android 2.2 build that is on it sucks to say the least. Many 2.2 and 2.3 ROMs are available on XDA and Slatedroid to fit your needs.

The only real downside to the Gtablet is the bad viewing angles on the screen but this does not bother me too much since I am not using it to watch movies with others or something that would require more than just me looking at it.

I have finally got Honeycomb on it and am happy with it even though it is an Alpha release since it is a hacked ROM being that Google is not releasing the source for Honeycomb. So aside from a few bugs it is great. You can also over-clock the CPU to around 1.5Ghz with no real impact in terms of overheating using CPU Master. Once you over-clock the tablet screams compared to a Xoom.