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Green Coding for Greener Clouds

I was reading an interesting article on Inhabitat about various large IT companies working to create code auditors that audit for energy efficiency.  Being that server farms are a huge user of energy it makes perfect A Greener Worldsense to not only try to use renewable energy sources to power them.  But to go to the source of the issue and insure the code itself is as efficient as possible.  It’s a simple idea but one that to be honest had never crossed my mind.  You could compare it to a house that uses old fashioned everything that is an energy hog and is powered by solar.  So it takes 10 times as many solar panels to run the house which basically cancels out any impact to the environment since the non-renewable energy used to make the solar panels to begin with.  The article also pointed out a Greenpeace campaign called “COOL IT” that gives report cards to big IT companies and their use of renewable energy.  To my surprise Cisco seems to be at the forefront.  The stranger thing was I saw no mention of Amazon, who is one of the biggest cloud providers around now.

Future: Amazon’s ‘Think Clouds’ are Data Aware

As we understand it from the discussion on stage, a Think Cloud is a “body of knowledge” that is a real-time information base of Amazon cloud that can be pivoted all the way down to the threads and individual data concurrency. It would be an index that acts like a control point that helps define movement of data through a servers and compute tasks. Looking at the journey from the data point of view, including data about the environment itself and how to repair itself when damaged and keep data concurrency in tact.

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Nation’s New CIO Speaks of Clouds

NYTimes has a good blog post about the nation’s new CIO and his desire to embrace cloud computing:

Mr. Kundra also said that he would push the government to embrace cloud computing — having work done on large servers rather than on desktop PCs. He acknowledged that there are privacy and security issues with some cloud-computing efforts, particularly when the computers are not all operated by the government. But he said that should not stop the government from taking advantage of the speed and efficiency such systems offer.

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