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What Comes After the Containers and Unikernels?

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A brief history of everything… (SysAdmin related)

There has been a lot of hype over the last year on container solutions, like Docker, with an ever growing and sometimes fragmented group of supporting projects. What does this all mean for the cloud and the future of hosting applications?

Pre-Cloud and Virtualization (aka The Dark Ages)

Before the cloud and virtualization you had a bare metal server where you installed an operating system on to host your service or application. It was basically a 1 to 1 thing in terms of the hardware and operating system. There were hardware load balancers to distribute traffic to a pool of these physical servers. This was very inefficient due to much of the hardware not being utilized even during peak load times.

Dawn of Virtualization (aka The Not-So Dark Ages)

When the boom of virtualization in all its forms came about with VMware and other offerings, people saw the promise and hope of being able to more fully utilize their hardware by segmenting it into virtual machines to better use (and cost effectively) plan for capacity.

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Encryption For All! Or Just Those Who Can Use It?


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I have for many years been a proponent of strong encryption systems to protect peoples privacy and to secure things like financial information from prying eyes. After the revelations brought about by Edward Snowden it came t the forefront for some time in terms of the average computer user understanding the need for these systems. But as with most things in the media today the thought and care for this topic has waned after the news cycles stop focusing on it.

Yesterday Apple CEO Tim Cook posted a letter to customers outlining why they will not abide by a court order to help circumvent the security on the San Bernardino terror suspects iPhone. This has reignited the discussion on creating back-doors in software and encryption systems to allow the government to gain access to users devices/files.

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My Health Tracking Experiment: Self-Tracking to a Better You?

The FitBit

Recently I came across a newer gadget called the FitBit. It is a small clip on device to track your steps, calories burned, miles walked, and flights of stair climbed. The devices uses an accelerometer and a altimeter to determine the steps taken and logs the data to be synced when you are near the base station. This uploads the data to the FitBit site which has a nice SaaS  site to monitor and chart progress. You can manually enter food, water, exercise, weight, and other data points. FitBit also offers a robust API to tie in with 3rd party services like Endomondo, which tracks workouts via phone GPS tracking. Another interesting thing the FitBit does is measure one’s sleep by coming with a strap you put on your non-dominate arm which monitors restlessness to get a picture of how much restful sleep one gets.

Along with the FitBit I have also decided to give a targeted regiment of supplements and diet a try to see if it helps with my sleep and any other health complaints. So I am breaking it down into key parts:

  • diet
  • exercise
  • sleep/relaxation
  • supplements

These are the four high-level things I will be covering and looking at in this experiment. I have been using the “Paleo Diet” as the basic underlying for my food intake. Along with various supplements I will outline shortly.

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