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Speeding Up Your Linux Desktop

Speeding Up LinuxFor some time I have been using Ubuntu as my desktop distribution.  Recently even though my computer is quite powerful I have run into issues of slow going. The first thing I did was change to using Google Chrome for my daily browsing and Firefox as my backup browser for certain things.  This has helped the issue greatly by just using Chrome and closing Firefox on occasion and restarting it when slowness occurs.  Yet the speed still was not there as it use to be for me.  So I made a simple but effective change to my desktop environment.  I switched from Gnome to IceWM which has made all the difference in the world. Gone are the nifty yet resource intensive Compiz trickery replaced by pure simplistic beauty.  Reminding me more of the basic X Windows days when all you needed was a terminal and your favorite shell. It seems in an effort to appease the Windows types the Linux sect has made their desktops bloated just like what they were trying to avoid doing.  I only use a small handful of things throughout my day.

  • Browser
  • XTerm
  • gedit (or similar text editor)
  • pidgin (for IM)

That is about it.  I sometimes might open GIMP to edit an image or something to manage images when I upload them.  But this is not a daily occurrence. For work I now use Google Apps which includes Google Docs so there is not even a need to use OpenOffice or a PDF viewer for that matter.  It’s a minimal new world and I am just fine with that.

Using GetBoo for Internal Company Bookmarking

I am still in the midst of building out a internal infrastructure and tools for a client that will utilize a virtual office with everyone telecommuting.  I have been working to implement open source solutions for the company for one being that the company is very open source driven.  But more importantly there is the cost issues involved in getting a company off the ground.  So after much thought of unique ways to establish good information exchange when all the employees work from home I came up with a few ideas.  The bonus for me is you have a clean sheet of paper to start the employees off on.  Following this concept I wrote in my last post about using WordPress, Prologue Theme, and a few plugins to create an internal Twitter clone.  So as my next step I have installed GetBoo to allow employees to bookmark internally.  GetBoo has the ability much like Delicious to tag links and make links private.  One additional thing GetBoo offers which is beneficial for internal use is Groups and Folders.  This would allow people in a company division to separate pertinent bookmarks by internal areas of interest.  In what this company does there is a lot of Internet research involved for many employees.  Be it developers searching for information on libraries etc. to researching working to find new prospective clients or affiliates.  GetBoo can benefit across the board and provides a Firefox Add-On to allow ease of bookmarking from browsers.  This helps to encourage people to actually use it.

The only thing lacking as of now is an ability to have GetBoo authenticate to LDAP servers.  I will update as I see how well this concept really works within the new company.

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