Architecture of a Scalr DNS Infrastructure

When I decided to take the route of running Scalr on our own servers to manage our Amazon Web Services farms one important consideration was Scalr’s use of DNS servers to change records.  I made the choice of hosting our own DNS infrastructure in order to keep initial cost down.  But also to allow us the flexibility to change and control our DNS internally.  So now onto my approach to doing this most effectively.  Firstly two separate DNS servers were chosen of the self-managed dedicated server form.  One server was chosen in a west coast location while the second was on the east coast.  Being that more of our traffic come from the western states the NS1 was selected accordingly.  Now I used two non-Scalr managed AMIs to run our NS3 and NS4 servers.  Each in a separate AWS datacenter.  The idea being that the internal custom bundled AMIs for Scalr I built would use the NS3 and NS4 for their internal DNS.  I find this to be an excellent mix of using AWS and old fashioned dedicated servers to manage our DNS.


  1. Hi,

    Please, could you explain a bit on how you configure scalr to update the DNS servers. I am trying to do the same.

    I have scalr working on my own server on rackspace, creating farms and everything. But, I cannot work out how to get the DNS out. I installed bind9 on the server I have scalr and followed this:
    and it is not working.

    Did you do that?

    How do you populate the other DNS servers, by normal DNS transfers?


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